シグマ/SigmaNew17-70mmf/2.8-4DCMacroHSMLensf/PentaxDSLRsw/AccessoryBUNDLE884109K/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーSG1770NPXAFK オンライン

シグマ/SigmaNew17-70mmf/2.8-4DCMacroHSMLensf/PentaxDSLRsw/AccessoryBUNDLE884109K/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーSG1770NPXAFK オンライン

Construction:16 Elements in 14 GroupsAngle of view:79.2°-22.9°F stop range:Minimum Aperture :F22Closest Focusing Distance:22cm (8.7'')Maximum Magnification:1:2.8Filter Size:72mmDimensions (Length x Diameter):Length 82.0mm (3.2'') x Diameter 79mm (3.1'')Weight:464gr / 16.4ozSIGMA 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC MACRO OS HSM The most important features for a standard zoom lens for digital single lens reflex camera is to achieve high image quality to meet the needs in various occasions and to be handy and compact. The SIGMA 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC MACRO OS HSM will clear away all the general concerns such as a short minimum focusing distance not a long enough focal length for telephoto shooting and a small aperture value. Mainly used for general-purpose photography this everyday lens covers a range equivalent to 25.5-105mm on a 35mm camera. It's surprisingly compact in size for a large-aperture lens that opens up to F2.8. Great for treasured snapshots of travel or family occasions it also handles shots that are a little bit more creative. Designed to be the kind of lens you carry around with you all the time it delivers simplicity and is so user-friendly it's sure to satisfy even the most demanding of users. Contemporary line can handle all sorts of photo opportunities Sigma is organizing all its interchangeable lenses into three product lines Contemporary Art and Sports. Featuring the very latest technology and combining optical performance with compactness the Contemporary line covers a wide range of needs. Incorporating the very latest technology in these lenses Sigma has solved the difficult problem of keeping size and weight low without compromising optical performance. The SIGMA 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC MACRO OS HSM is the first product from the Contemporary line. Featuring a wide zoom range the lens has a focal range equivalent to 25.5-105mm on a 35mm lens. Excellent for macro photography This lens' minimum focusing distance is 22cm and the maximum magnification ratio is 1:2.8. At 70mm the working distance becomes 5.52cm. When it comes to telephoto it can shoot pictures with a similar sensation to a macro lens. Also without the need to change the lens it enables photographers to take a close up pictures of subjects such as jewelry and flowers. In order to secure a clear field of view the design of this lens is very thorough even down to the precise position of the engraved letters on the lens. 30% Smaller Than Conventional Models For a which is used lens used in everyday situations the small size makes a big difference. By incorporating a smaller OS unit and optimizing the structure and power distribution of optical elements the lens barrel has now become more compact. In order to ensure high accuracy of th e product the new compound material TSC (Thermally Stable Composite) which has high affinity to metal parts is introduced for the lens barrel. It results in better durability of the parts and smaller zoom rings and scale rings. The dimension of this lens is 30% smaller than our conventional models. Superior Image Quality Throughout The Entire Zoom Range This lens incorporates 2 FLD (''F'' Low Dispersion) glass elements which have performance equal to fluorite 1 SLD (Special Low Dispersion) glass element and 3 aspherical glass lenses including double sided aspherical lens. By optimizing the power alignment of the lens both chromatic aberration of magnification and axial chromatic aberration have been corrected. From infinity to macro it achieves superior image quality through entire zoom range. This lens offers extraordinary expressive power and is capable of surpassing the requirement of the rigorous checking process of our new MTF measuring system Large maximum aperture of F2.8 The aperture value is F2.8 at the wide end (17mm) and is F4 at the telephoto end (70mm). The bright viewfinder aids focusing and composition of images. The fast apertures also offer useful functions such as fast shutter speeds to prevent an object from being blurred and ensuring a smooth bokeh in the background. Flare and ghosting conscious design In order to achieve high rendering on this flagship lens flare and ghosting were thoroughly measured from an early stage to establish an optical design which is resistant to strong incident light such as backlight. The Super Multi-Layer Coating reduces flare and ghosting and provides sharp and high contrast images even in backlit conditions. Incorporating Rounded Diaphragm The 7 blade-rounded diaphragm creates an attractive blur to the out-of-focus areas of the image Hyper Sonic Motor The HSM (Hyper Sonic Motor) ensures high speed and quiet AF as well as full-time manual focus override by rotation of the focus ring. With the enhanced AF algorithm smoother AF is achieved. Brass made bayonet mount This lens incorporates a brass made bayonet mount which has both high accuracy and durability. A special treatment to reinforce its strength is applied to the surface giving it greater strength and making it highly resistant to long-term use. Ease of use The new product lines incorporate rubber for the attachment part of the provided lens hood. For better usability the design of the lens cap and AF / MF changeover switch has been improved. Newly developed ''USB DOCK'' exclusively for new product lines Based on these new lines we have developed special software (SIGMA OptimizationPro) that can update the lens firmware and adjust parameters such as focus. Evaluation with Sigma's own MTF measuring system ''A1'' We used to measure lens performance with MTF measuring system using conventional sensors. However we've now developed our own proprietary MTF (modulation transfer function) measuring system (A1) using 46-megapixel Foveon direct image sensors. Even previously undetectable high-frequency details are now within the scope of our quality control inspections. The SIGMA 17-70mm F2.8-4 DC MACRO OS HSM will all be checked using this ''A1'' before they are shipped. ''Made in Japan'' All Sigma's manufacturing - right down to molds and parts - is carried out under an integrated production system entirely in Japan. We are now one of the very few manufacturers whose products are solely ''made in Japan''. We like to think our products are somehow imbued with the essence of our homeland blessed as it is with clean air and water and focused hard-working people. We pride ourselves on the authentic quality of Sigma products born of a marriage between highly attuned expertise and intelligent advanced technology. Our sophisticated products have satisfied professionals and lovers of photography all over the world because our manufacturing is based on genuine craftsmanship underpinned by the passion and pride of our experts.

シグマ/SigmaNew17-70mmf/2.8-4DCMacroHSMLensf/PentaxDSLRsw/AccessoryBUNDLE884109K/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーSG1770NPXAFK オンライン

シグマ/SigmaNew17-70mmf/2.8-4DCMacroHSMLensf/PentaxDSLRsw/AccessoryBUNDLE884109K/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーSG1770NPXAFK オンライン,シグマ/SigmaNew17-70mmf/2.8-4DCMacroHSMLensf/PentaxDSLRsw/AccessoryBUNDLE884109K/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーSG1770NPXAFK オンライン!!

PLUS(プラス)デスク/スタンダードデスク/STAGEO(ワンアクションタイプ)・ステージオ平机ST−167H−RPWS/M4 筆記具?!

シグマ/SigmaNew17-70mmf/2.8-4DCMacroHSMLensf/PentaxDSLRsw/AccessoryBUNDLE884109K/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーSG1770NPXAFK オンライン!シグマ/SigmaNew17-70mmf/2.8-4DCMacroHSMLensf/PentaxDSLRsw/AccessoryBUNDLE884109K/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーSG1770NPXAFK オンライン!【送料無料】北海道・沖縄・離島は別途、リプロダクト品デザイナーズチェアイームズチェアオーガニックチェア【本体:ブルー/脚:ナチュラルNA】【デジコレクション】 ポケットコイル.

opera50mmF1.4FFCEFキヤノンEFマウント オンライン.!TOSOアコーディオンドア(イメージ画像) ウッドブラインド!,【中古】《美品》TAMRONSP24-70mmF2.8DiVCUSDG2A032N(ニコン用) TAMRON (タムロン)!カーテンシェード川島織物セルコンDRAPERYFT6231~6233プレーンシェードコード式・AR-63 オーダー,VoightLander単焦点広角レンズSUPERWIDE-HELIAR15mmF4.5ASPHERICALIIIE-mountEマウント対応ブラック233034 カメラ・ビデオカメラ・光学機器.

シグマ/SigmaNew17-70mmf/2.8-4DCMacroHSMLensf/PentaxDSLRsw/AccessoryBUNDLE884109K/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーSG1770NPXAFK オンライン.05P03Dec16 インテリア小物・置物 三友文香炉 5674桐箱、銅製 オンライン?VoightLander単焦点レンズNOKTON17.5mmF0.95MicroFourThirdsマイクロフォーサーズ対応17.5F0.95BK 健康食品.


【送料無料】ニコンレンズAF-SDXNIKKOR16-85mmF3.5-5.6GEDVRJAN末番5265 カメラ用交換レンズ.シグマ/SigmaNew17-70mmf/2.8-4DCMacroHSMLensf/PentaxDSLRsw/AccessoryBUNDLE884109K/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーSG1770NPXAFK オンライン.

【美品】【中古】NikonNIKKORレンズAIAFVRZoom-Nikkor80-400mmf/4.5-5.6DED[旧製品]【3000円以上で送料無料!!】 カメラ用交換レンズ,.薄掛けコタツ布団長方形こたつふとん掛け布団こたつカバー エーナイン.タムロンSP150-600mmF/5-6.3DiVCUSDG2(ModelA022)キヤノンEOSマウント『2016年9月23日発売予定予約』手ブレ補正機構VC付150mmから600mmまでの超望遠ズームレンズ【RCP】[fs04gm][P20Aug16] オンライン!タムロンSP150-600mmF/5-6.3DiVCUSD(ModelA011)キヤノン用 カメラ・ビデオカメラ・光学機器!【送料無料】【06/01発売予定】カールツァイスTouit2.8/12(ソニーEマウント) 広角レンズ...サイドアップエレクターシェルフMUシリーズセット(奥行460mm)MU910・P2200(6段)【代引き不可】 オンライン!,,?!【送料無料】アレックスムートン短毛フリース2PLWR1020 のこぎり!イメージ画像 クッションフロア.

シグマ/SigmaNew17-70mmf/2.8-4DCMacroHSMLensf/PentaxDSLRsw/AccessoryBUNDLE884109K/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーSG1770NPXAFK オンライン,シグマ/SigmaNew17-70mmf/2.8-4DCMacroHSMLensf/PentaxDSLRsw/AccessoryBUNDLE884109K/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーSG1770NPXAFK オンライン TV・オーディオ・カメラ

シグマ/SigmaNew17-70mmf/2.8-4DCMacroHSMLensf/PentaxDSLRsw/AccessoryBUNDLE884109K/レンズ/Lens/カメラ/camera/アクセサリーSG1770NPXAFK オンライン

【ポイント10倍】 【代引不可】 山金工業 ヤマテック ボルトレス軽中量ラック 200kg/段 単体 2S4345-4W 【メーカー直送品】 Manfrotto 468MGQ6 Hydrostatic Ball Head with Top ロック クイック リリース (Black) (海外取寄せ品)